We specialize in “Yes.” For more than six decades, a wide variety of people have come to us with film and video production needs that required various depths of involvement from us, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide the exact level of production or creative help they need.

Simply stated, we’ve created and produced everything: dramatic feature films and feature-length documentaries shot worldwide, award-winning music videos, thousands of national commercials, a number of film series, countless corporate films, and now—web videos.

But more importantly, we’ve consulted, assisted, shot, organized, and helped to complete just as many projects for other producers and video creators as we’ve headed up ourselves.

Whether you need an entire movie, or just a good lead on the best grip in town, we’re a full service production company; we can help.

As a full service film and video production company, we can provide anything you need, in or out of Kansas City.

We do most things “in house,” or we can find any studio or production facility. We can assist with any kind of production: corporate or industrial projects, impression-based advertising or DRTV commercial campaign, feature film or broadcast television. In terms of post-production, we can edit in standard and HD formats and handle all forms of digital, Internet, or web media challenges. We pride ourselves on being professional and being able to make your project work, whether it’s based on a film or video production.