1. How much does a video cost?

It’s virtually impossible to know until we talk, but we’re nearly certain we can come up with something creative and unique that will fit inside your budget.  We are known for getting as much of your production budget on the screen as possible.

2. How long will the process take?

You can never know until the parameters are in, but we are notorious for making sure that no one waits on us.  Please give us the details and we’ll do our best to let you know how long it might take.

3. Do I own it once it’s produced?

As a standard rule, you retain ownership of anything we create for you, because you paid for it.

4. I have a friend who’s a good writer (voice talent, on-camera, cameraman, lighting guy) if we use them can it be cheaper?

We have stated that we can enter into any production at any level that is required.  We mean it.  Let us know how we can help.

5. What is production like in Kansas City?

Our out-of-town clients tell us that they find shooting here with us great because we know the town, and there is quality talent in front of and behind the camera at a much better rate than “bigger towns.”  Yes, everything’s up-to-date in Kansas City, except pricing.

6. Can we eat barbecue if we come to town?

Only after filling out an extensive questionnaire so that we can determine commitment and interest level.  Remember, in this town, they ask which barbecue place you eat at before they ask which church you go to…and yes…we will show you the very best in a town known the world over for barbecue.  But NOT if you EVER refer to it as BBQ!